“Feminist Consumerism and Fat Activists: A Comparative Study of Grassroots Activism and the Dove Real Beauty Campaign”

"Both the Dove Real Beauty Campaign and PPPO [Pretty, Porky, and Pissed Off] claim to challenge hegemonic beauty codes that articulate a virtually unachievable conception of physical beauty. Given the extent to which these images of models affect women’s self-perceptions, it may come as little surprise that only 2% of women describe themselves as beautiful. In response, Dove has committed itself to... Continue Reading →

Understanding Patriarchal Marriage through Female Agency

"Seen in this light, patriarchal marriage, as an institutionalized structure of kinship placing social boundaries on the physical vulnerability of women, offered obvious advantages for a woman. By accepting the sexual and social demands of one man, by agreeing to provide him with heirs and to serve him, a woman could secure his protection from... Continue Reading →

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