Existentialism and the Origins of Male Supremacy

“While women demand a new status, says [Simone] de Beauvoir, they are far from achieving it and the institutions of patriarchy are still largely intact. Not only have 'abstract rights' not been granted to women everywhere; abstract rights themselves have never sufficed to assure women a definite hold on the world. True equality, she adds,... Continue Reading →

The Independent Woman

“[L]aw no longer includes obedience among a wife’s duties, and every woman citizen has become a voter; these civil liberties remain abstract if there is no corresponding economic autonomy; the kept woman--wife or mistress--is not freed from the male just because she has a ballot paper in her hands; while today’s customs impose fewer constraints... Continue Reading →

What Marriage Means

“Marriages, then, are generally not based on love, “The husband is, so to speak, never more than a substitute for the loved man, and not that man himself,” said Freud. This dissociation is not accidental. It is implicit in the very nature of the institution. The economic and sexual union of man and woman is... Continue Reading →

Marriage and Defloration

"Today, many young girls are better informed; and their defloration has the characteristics of a rape. “There are certainly more rapes committed in marriage than outside of marriage,” says Havelock Ellis. ... In England, Ellis reports, a woman asked six intelligent, married, middle-class women about their reactions on their wedding night: for all of them intercourse... Continue Reading →

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