Homophobia Is Still Prevalent: Evaluating the Validity of Inclusive Masculinity

“Finally, McCormack’s (2012, 61) largely unqualified disdain for Stonewall[1] aside, what larger surveys show is that there are still high rates of assault and abuse targeted at lesbian, gay, or bisexual (LGB)-identifying individuals, which do not paint the same optimistic picture. In 2012, a report conducted by the UK Home Office, looking specifically at hate... Continue Reading →

Faking It

“So how does this discussion help us to make sense of women faking orgasm? We have argued that what is demanded of women in the technique/work narrative is proof of the value of the man’s work, of the soundness of his technique. Thus, women are expected to experience orgasm. But part of the “problem” with... Continue Reading →

Trafficking, Prostitution and Inequality: A Public Lecture by Catharine MacKinnon

https://youtu.be/zpYegz1OqHA “Now, to be fair, most johns [buyers] know the women don’t enjoy it, and they [johns] know they [the women] are there out of economic necessity. They know they are buying their poverty, not their will. But - and get this - they consider that “consent”. This is what consent means. Someone they know... Continue Reading →

Introduction to “Male Sexualities” by Ken Plummer

"I want to fuck. I need to fuck. I've always needed and wanted to fuck. From my teenage years I've always longed after fucking. -A male friend speaking to social psychologist Wendy Hollway (1996) Men have an overwhelming desire to relieve themselves upon a woman's body. -Roger Scruton (1986) I just like screwing. I can... Continue Reading →

Mastering the Male Body

“A related strategy involved “mastering the male body.” Here, women learned how to manipulate men's bodies to make them ejaculate quickly, so that they could end unpleasant sexual experiences as soon as possible. As with “stroking egos,” this strategy allowed young women to get it over with without men ever knowing that their partners were... Continue Reading →

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