Revisiting Feminist Analyses of Men’s Violence

“Not all men need to use violence to reinforce their dominance. In fact, the more disadvantaged and marginalised men may use violence against women because it is the only form of dominance they can access. Upper-class and middle-class men often do not need to resort to violence against women as frequently because they have access... Continue Reading →

What Is the Problem?

“Bacchi (1999) has been concerned for some years with the ways in which terms like ‘domestic violence’, ‘sexual harassment’ and ‘violence against women’ reflect particular representations of problems that often obscure or distort what the problem actually is. [...] I suggest that one of the key problems for addressing sexual and other forms of violence against... Continue Reading →

Criminology, ‘Crime Prevention’, and Rape

“Such ‘risk management’ or ‘rape avoidance’ approaches to sexual violence prevention are highly problematic for several reasons. First, risk management represents an inaccurate model of sexual violence victimisation, as even women who follow the safety guidelines may still become victims (see Carmody, 2006[*]; Lawson & Olle, 2006[**]; Neame, 2003[***]). Indeed, the list of behaviours women... Continue Reading →

“He Was So Good to Me, I Could Never Call It Abuse”

“While many women were taught that men are aggressive and unreliable, they were also exposed to the normal/danger dichotomy discourse, which told them that there are “good guys” and “bad guys,” and that one should not be confused with the other. As we saw in women’s recollections of their early educations, most girls were warned... Continue Reading →

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