Marcuse on “Non-Violence”

“Even in the advanced centers of civilization, violence actually prevails: it is practiced by the police, in the prisons and mental institutions, in the fight against racial minorities; it is carried, by the defenders of metropolitan freedom, into the backward countries. This violence indeed breeds violence. But to refrain from violence in the face of... Continue Reading →

Repressive Tolerance: Truth and Falsehood

“Within the affluent democracy, […] All points of view can be heard […]. Moreover, in endlessly dragging debates over the media, the stupid opinion is treated with the same respect as the intelligent one, the misinformed may talk as long as the informed, and propaganda rides along with education, truth with falsehood. This pure tolerance... Continue Reading →

On Tolerance

"[T]olerance was, at least in theory, based on the proposition that men were (potential) individuals who could learn to hear and see and feel by themselves, to develop their own thoughts, to grasp their trite interests and rights and capabilities, also against established authority and opinion. This was the rationale of free speech and assembly.... Continue Reading →

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