Trying to Like It

“Whereas women used the previous two strategies to try to control men’s behavior, some developed a different type of strategy through which they tried to manipulate their own subjective experiences of an oppressive sexual situation. Fearing reprisals, young women often felt they could not control the material circumstances of their unpleasant or victimizing hetero-relational encounters.... Continue Reading →

The Second Shift: Nancy and Evan Holt and the “Upstairs-Downstairs” Myth

“One day, when I asked Nancy [the wife] to tell me who did which tasks from a long list of households chores, she interrupted me with a broad wave of her hand and said, “I do the upstairs, Evan [the husband] does the downstairs.” What does that mean? I asked. Matter-of-factly, she explained that the... Continue Reading →

Compulsory Heterosexuality

Abstract: "In this essay, Miriam argues for a phenomenological-hermeneutic approach to the radical feminist theory of sex-right and compulsory heterosexuality. Against critics of radical feminism, she argues that when understood from a phenomenological-hermeneutic perspective, such theory does not foreclose female sexual agency. On the contrary, men's right of sexual access to women and girls is... Continue Reading →

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