The Apartheid Wall

Two days ago marked the 30th anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall. However, in the West Bank, there is a wall twice as high and four times as long. Once construction finishes, it will stretch over 440 miles. While the West Bank does not belong to Israel, Israel regularly annexes it illegally by... Continue Reading →

Orientalism Now: Popular Images and Social Science Representations

“Here are a few examples of how the Arab is often represented today. Note how readily “the Arab” seems to accommodate the transformations and reductions--all of a simply tendentious kind--into which he is continually being forced.” (p. 285) “[...] after the 1973 war the Arab appeared everywhere as something more menacing. Cartoons depicting an Arab... Continue Reading →

Bertrand Russell and the Middle East

"The latest phase of the undeclared war in the Middle East is based upon a profound miscalculation. The bombing raids deep into Egyptian territory will not persuade the civilian population to surrender, but will stiffen their resolve to resist. This is the lesson of all aerial bombardment. The Vietnamese who have endured years of American... Continue Reading →

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