#Notallmen, #Menenism, Manospheres and Unsafe Spaces: Overt and Subtle

“While feminists have long emphasised the extent to which constructions of gender impact negatively on men[1], the same message as engaged by the alt-right, MRAs and the manosphere does so with an explicit or tacit support of essentialised gender hierarchy and male supremacy. This allows them to critique feminism for undoing this natural way of... Continue Reading →

Men’s Health: A Critique of Men’s Rights and Anti-Feminist Claims

“Men’s rights advocates (MRAs) and anti-feminist men’s groups claim that men now are the victims in our society, of both women and feminism. MRAs claim that men’s health is a particularly important area of male disadvantage, that men’s health issues and shorter life spans are evidence of discrimination and oppression faced by men, and that... Continue Reading →

Visualizing Deviance: The Promiscuous (Heterosexual World of Sport)

Before I was married, I truly lived the bachelor’s life. I’m no Wilt Chamberlain, but as I traveled around NBA cities, I was never at a loss for female companionship. . . . There were just some bachelors almost every woman in L.A. wanted to be with: Eddie Murphy, Arsenio Hall, and Magic Johnson. I... Continue Reading →

Men’s Accounts of Masculinity and Help Seeking

“It was clear from the accounts provided that there was a widespread reluctance to seek help (or to be seen to be seeking help) as such behaviour was seen as challenging to conventional notions of masculinity. This was particularly evident amongst the younger participants who adhered to a model of masculinity that men who had... Continue Reading →

Summary of Don Sabo’s “Masculinities and Men’s Health: Moving Toward Post-Superman Era Prevention”

“Traditional images of muscled, invulnerable, daring, unemotional, and risk-taking masculinity are still a big part of the culture. Each summer Hollywood pumps old patriarchal blood into the newest cinemagraphic renderings of superheroes like the Hulk, Iron Man, Spiderman, the X-Men, and Fantastic Four. It is ironic, however, that two of the best known actors who... Continue Reading →

Men’s Health Issues: Alcohol Use

“While social and medical problems stemming from alcohol abuse involve both sexes, males comprise the largest segment of alcohol abusers. Some researchers have begun exploring the connections between traditional masculinity and alcohol abuse. Mass media often sensationalize links between booze and male bravado. For decades, male stereotypes have been used in beer commercials to promote... Continue Reading →

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