#Notallmen, #Menenism, Manospheres and Unsafe Spaces: Overt and Subtle

“While feminists have long emphasised the extent to which constructions of gender impact negatively on men[1], the same message as engaged by the alt-right, MRAs and the manosphere does so with an explicit or tacit support of essentialised gender hierarchy and male supremacy. This allows them to critique feminism for undoing this natural way of... Continue Reading →

The Biggest Myth about our Brains is that they are “Male” or “Female”

“I realized that if certain areas of the brain could change from the typical ‘female form’ to the typical ‘male form’ under stress, there was no point in talking about the female brain and the male brain” “We take for granted how often laymen and even researchers use science—and specifically neuroscience—to “verify” stereotypes about gender:... Continue Reading →

We’ve been labelled ‘anti-sex difference’ for demanding greater scientific rigour

“[W]e and our colleagues have been named as “anti-sex difference”, and thus some of the prime culprits in creating this situation. This is like accusing the people who invented airbags as being “anti-seatbelts”. We are all aiming for better science.” “Some of the errors and traps we identified included human neuroimaging studies with small sample... Continue Reading →

The Pink Dragon is Female: Halloween Costumes and Gender Markers

“The marketing illustrations for children’s Halloween costumes remains largely anchored in traditional gender roles, images, and symbols. The symbolic representations of gender contained within Halloween costumes may, along with specific costume titles, refurbish stereotypical notions of what women/girls and men/boys are capable of doing within the realm of their imaginations.” Adie Nelson Although the term... Continue Reading →

Men and Women: Mind and Body

“You know guys just sort of think you're stupid. Sure, I get a lot of attention being blonde and female, but what society really thinks of women is that intelligence doesn’t even figure in. Just body and face. For men, it’s the money they make, not how they look. It’s his job that counts.”  “Our culture... Continue Reading →

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