“They just don’t get it.”

“One of the ways in which these dualities affect people’s lives is through the (often unconscious) ideology, imagery, and associations that mediate our perceptions of and relations with each other. Let me provide a concrete, contemporary example here. The fall and winter of 1991-92 brought several dramatic and controversial rape and sexual-harassment cases to the... Continue Reading →

Touch Therapy / Talk Therapy: Intimate Labor and Nurturing Femininity

“A common convention among women I interviewed was that some clients come to the dungeon for the intimate though not necessarily erotic, skin-on-skin experiences that they are lacking in their private lives. One pro-domme spoke to this phenomenon, as well as to the idea of the displacement of complicit masculinity in the dungeon, when she... Continue Reading →

Gender and Shame: “Women’s Language,” “Feelings of Inadequacy,” and Female Subjectivity

“Textbooks on the psychology of women tend to confirm the everyday observation that women are in general less assertive than men, have lower self-esteem, less overall confidence, and poorer self-concepts.[Note 24] Certainly, everyone understand how painful it is to have low-self-esteem or too little confidence. Let us pursue this: What, precisely, is the character of... Continue Reading →

The Triad of Men’s Violence: Men’s Violence Against Women

“Within relationships, forms of male violence such as rape, battering, and what Meg Luxton calls the “petty tyranny” of male domination in the household [1] must be understood both “in terms of violence directed against women as women and against women as wives.”[2] The family provides an arena for the expression of needs and emotions... Continue Reading →

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