Bringing Gender into the Equation of Domestic Violence

“What is missing, oddly, from these claims of gender symmetry is an analysis of gender. By this, I mean more than simply a tallying up of which biological sex is more likely to be perpetrator or victim. I mean an analysis that explicitly underscores the ways in which gender identities and gender ideologies are embodied... Continue Reading →

Neither justice nor protection

‘‘‘Why doesn’t she leave?’ is probably one of the most frequently asked questions for those who witness a woman suffering domestic violence. Implicit in this question is frustration and mystification that women are failing to ‘look after themselves’, and often their children, by remaining caught in a web of violence and abuse. This individualizing discourse places the responsibility on the... Continue Reading →

Men are the primary perpetrators

“Contrary to the disinformation promulgated in recent years by the so-called “men's rights" movements, the most important statistics about violence against women do not lie. The vast majority of credible researchers in sociology, criminology, and public health confirm that men commit the most serious intimate-partner violence and the overwhelming amount of sexual violence, including the... Continue Reading →

25 Common Dangerous Mistakes Caused by Failing to Use Current [Domestic Violence] Research

25 Common Dangerous Mistakes Caused by Failing to Use Current [Domestic Violence] Research: Asking abuse victims to just “get over it.” Minimizing the full harm caused by domestic violence and child abuse. Assuming the end of a relationship ends the risk from an abuser. Assuming abuse that is not recent has little impact on children.... Continue Reading →

Preface to “Intimate” Violence against Women

“As class sizes have increased and more and more of our graduates have chosen professions dedicated to helping victims of intimate violence, there are moments when we muse about the day when books like this will no longer need to be written. We try to imagine what it would be like for women to be... Continue Reading →

Gloria Steinem, Preface to “Women Respond to the Men’s Movement”

“Make no mistake about it: Women want a men’s movement. We are literally dying for it. If you doubt that, just listen to women’s desperate testimonies of hope that the men in our lives will become more nurturing toward children, more able to talk about emotions, less hooked on a spectrum of control that extends... Continue Reading →

Batterers, Abandonment, and Love Addiction: Jimmy’s Story

“Jimmy, like most of the male batterers I have encountered, suffered from both forms of addictive intoxication: the need for merger with an abundant other and the need to wrestle nature, as represented by his wife, into submission. Shirley helped me see the connection between the two forms of intoxication in a couple’s therapy session... Continue Reading →

Male Battering of Women as Medicating Covert Depression

“When Jimmy lashed out at Shirley, he was, as one abuse expert terms it, “offending from the victim position.” This is perhaps the most common pattern of male violence toward women. Flooded with depression and feelings of victimization, Jimmy used rage to physiologically pump up his sense of deflation. Research shows that rage simultaneously releases... Continue Reading →

The Gendered Domestic Division of Labor

“One of the main reasons men benefit from marriage is the unequal and taken-for-granted division of domestic labor. Research shows that women historically have shouldered the overwhelming bulk of responsibility for doing household labor, spending three times the amount of time as men doing routine everyday household tasks (for a review, see Coltrane, 2000 [see... Continue Reading →

Revisiting Feminist Analyses of Men’s Violence

“Not all men need to use violence to reinforce their dominance. In fact, the more disadvantaged and marginalised men may use violence against women because it is the only form of dominance they can access. Upper-class and middle-class men often do not need to resort to violence against women as frequently because they have access... Continue Reading →

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