Hernandez v. Texas and SAISD v. Rodriguez

Hernandez v. Texas (1954) is the first and only Mexican-American Civil Rights case in the contemporary era. The Texas court of criminal appeals ruled that since Mexican-Americans are racially classified as "white." Therefore, the court ruled, it would not be unconstitutional for someone Mexican-American to be convicted of an all-white non-Hispanic jury. Given that the... Continue Reading →

The Apartheid Wall

Two days ago marked the 30th anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall. However, in the West Bank, there is a wall twice as high and four times as long. Once construction finishes, it will stretch over 440 miles. While the West Bank does not belong to Israel, Israel regularly annexes it illegally by... Continue Reading →

Wanted: Vulnerable, Debt-Burdened College Students for U.S. Imperialism

The other day, I received a notification of an army recruiter hoping to increase the numbers of college students enrolled in the reserves.[1] Repeated on roughly every paragraph by the recruiter was how little stress and time it would take and how enlistment would lead (eventually) to student loan repayment (“regardless if you have current... Continue Reading →

Jessica Jones; Abuse and Consent

[Spoilers] [Spoilers]         [[Spoilers. Just click the videos if you're not interested in some shoddy, half-baked analysis.]] [In the very first episode of this terrific show (Jessica Jones), you are acquainted with the protagonist, Jessica Jones, who is suffering from post-traumatic stress after her previous and abusive "relationship" with the antagonist, Kilgrave. Kilgrave's... Continue Reading →

The Insurgent Sociologist and Critical Sociology

In collective memory, recalling the 1960s and 70s are accompanied with the imagery of "the counterculture era", full of psychedelics, protests, and hippies. One of the things to arise at this time was a magazine called The Insurgent Sociologist, established formally in 1969, but which was run by the Sociology Liberation Movement (SLM), which had existed in... Continue Reading →

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