We’ve been labelled ‘anti-sex difference’ for demanding greater scientific rigour

“[W]e and our colleagues have been named as “anti-sex difference”, and thus some of the prime culprits in creating this situation. This is like accusing the people who invented airbags as being “anti-seatbelts”. We are all aiming for better science.” “Some of the errors and traps we identified included human neuroimaging studies with small sample... Continue Reading →

Mourning a Husband Who Has Not Yet Passed

Previously I have posted a few excerpts from Rubin's book, Intimate Strangers (1983). In 2011, she wrote an article regarding her husband, Hank, who suffered from dementia (both Lillian and Hank have since passed, Hank in 2011, in the same year of this article's publication, and Lillian in 2014). She described what it was like in her... Continue Reading →

Sometimes I Cry: The Toxic Hypermasculinity Of Black Men

"Sometimes when I'm alone I cry because I'm on my own The tears I cry are bitter and warm They flow with life but take no form I cry because my heart is torn and I find it difficult to carry on If I had an ear to confide in I would cry among my... Continue Reading →

The Election: Boys Are Watching, But Are Parents Saying Anything Meaningful?

“The routine use of dehumanizing descriptions of people who Trump “others” has caused anxiety, despair, and anger in many people. In terms of women—many of whom are already affected by his xenophobic and racist rhetoric—his language is not only denigrating, but, because he is directly competing with a woman, often mimics the linguistic patterns of... Continue Reading →

Racism Without Racists

“But regardless of whites’ ‘‘sincere fictions,’’[5] racial considerations shade almost everything in America. Blacks and dark-skinned racial minorities lag well behind whites in virtually every area of social life; they are about three times more likely to be poor than whites, earn about 40 percent less than whites, and have about an eighth of the... Continue Reading →

Art, Immanence, and Critique

[Dr. Halley was kind enough to let me take a look at this manuscript and do some editing. I'm always a fan of Adorno, so the pleasure was surely mine.] "The relationship of art to bourgeois society, was, at first, emancipatory for art. In the decline of religious domination, and prior to the industrial revolution... Continue Reading →

Refugee “Crisis”?

In some countries, there is a real refugee crisis. In Lebanon, for example, where perhaps one-quarter of the population consists of refugees from Syria. Other poor and strife-ridden countries of the region have also absorbed huge numbers of refugees, among them Jordan and Syria. The countries that are enduring a refugee crisis had no responsibility... Continue Reading →

The Placebo Effect

  In the film Dumbo, some might recall, Dumbo is given a feather by Timothy Mouse to "help Dumbo fly"  (so Timothy says). Of course, the viewers know previously that it is, in fact, just an ordinary feather and is thus just a psychological trick by Timothy to make Dumbo believe that he can fly with it,... Continue Reading →

“Not just ‘a white girl’s thing’: The changing face of food and body image problems”

Probably the most significant factor, however, in the failure to conceptualize eating problems in an inclusive way has been ignorance of (or in some cases, resistance to acknowledging) the awesome power of cultural imagery. Fiji is a striking example of that power. Because of their remote location, the Fiji islands did not have access to... Continue Reading →

There’s No Business Like the Body Business: Profiting from Women’s Bodies

"Most women feel their bodies fail the beauty test, and the American health and beauty industry benefits enormously from continually nurturing feminine insecurities. If women are busy trying to control their bodies through dieting, excessive exercise, and self-improvement, they are distracted from other important aspects of selfhood that might challenge the status quo.* In the... Continue Reading →

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