Beyond the Big Names of the Civil Rights Movement

“It was Jo Ann Robinson and E.D. Nixon, not Dr. King, that led the spark that created a successful Montgomery Bus Boycott. This story of grassroots activists, of unnamed women and men who made a critical difference, was duplicated a thousand times across the South. [...] So, the Civil Rights Movement was not simply an... Continue Reading →

Faking It

“So how does this discussion help us to make sense of women faking orgasm? We have argued that what is demanded of women in the technique/work narrative is proof of the value of the man’s work, of the soundness of his technique. Thus, women are expected to experience orgasm. But part of the “problem” with... Continue Reading →

“the ties that bind are also those that rip people apart”

[SPOILERS.] [From the film August: Osage County, one of my favorite films.] [SPOILERS.] “Not even Jean, Bill and Barbara’s teenage daughter, is safe from her grandmother’s foul mouth. Moreover, as the young girl declares her preference for vegetarian food over the funeral dinner, saying that she refuses to ingest the butchered animal’s fear, the whole... Continue Reading →

Trafficking, Prostitution and Inequality: A Public Lecture by Catharine MacKinnon “Now, to be fair, most johns [buyers] know the women don’t enjoy it, and they [johns] know they [the women] are there out of economic necessity. They know they are buying their poverty, not their will. But - and get this - they consider that “consent”. This is what consent means. Someone they know... Continue Reading →

Tough Guise

“Most men aren't violent, but 90% of violent crimes are committed by men. The question is why? For too long we've identified masculine strength with violence. But true strength comes from challenging the myth that being a real man means putting up a false front, disrespecting others, and engaging in violent and self-destructive behavior. Let's... Continue Reading →

Protesting War and Hegemonic Masculinity in Music Videos: Audioslave’s “Doesn’t Remind Me” The obvious narrative arc of the video is one of a boy who has lost his father in the Iraq War; but underlying this narrative is another that tells the story of the boy being taught to be a man. Morello [guitarist of Audioslave] explained: It's a story of a woman who loses her... Continue Reading →

Jessica Jones; Abuse and Consent

[Spoilers] [Spoilers]         [[Spoilers. Just click the videos if you're not interested in some shoddy, half-baked analysis.]] [In the very first episode of this terrific show (Jessica Jones), you are acquainted with the protagonist, Jessica Jones, who is suffering from post-traumatic stress after her previous and abusive "relationship" with the antagonist, Kilgrave. Kilgrave's... Continue Reading →

The Chomsky-Foucault Debate

In 1971, Noam Chomsky and Michel Foucault debated on a few topics, by no means mutually exclusive: "human nature" (or whether there was such a thing), the "ideal society", and "justice" and "power". Make sure to put on English subtitles if necessary, as Foucault speaks in French, though Chomsky speaks in English (alternatively, a full English transcript of... Continue Reading →

All the Good Stuff that Cannot be Measured

Yanis Varoufakis talks about the neoclassical economic tradition and its (futile and detrimental) attempt to quantify non-quantifiable phenomena. Such a debate has been raging on in the social sciences for quite some time, and continues today. Theodor Adorno and critical theory offers a important theoretical contribution to this debate (though such a rejection of the imperative... Continue Reading →

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