A blog offering excerpts of various sociological texts. This blog includes journal articles, books, and web articles from a variety of disciplines and fields, which are all collected under the banner of sociological fragments.

The title “Sociological Fragments” is derived from two sources. The first is from Michel Foucault‘s interview in Vol. 3, Power, of The Essential Works of Foucault. In it, Foucault calls his writing “philosophical fragments put to work in a historical field of problems.” The second is from the more recently published The Contemporary Bauman, edited by Anthony Elliott, who paraphrases Zygmunt Bauman‘s self-characterization of his works not as grand theories but as “sociological fragments.”

Myra Haverda

This blog is managed by Myra Haverda, a sociology Ph.D. student at the University of Oregon (pictured). You can learn more by checking out her professional website at myrahaverda.wordpress.com or her webpage at the University of Oregon.

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