Beyond the Big Names of the Civil Rights Movement

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“It was Jo Ann Robinson and E.D. Nixon, not Dr. King, that led the spark that created a successful Montgomery Bus Boycott. This story of grassroots activists, of unnamed women and men who made a critical difference, was duplicated a thousand times across the South. […]

So, the Civil Rights Movement was not simply an effort to change the laws in Washington D.C., it was a freedom struggle waged by ordinary people, trade unionists, housewives, sanitation workers, people who worked out in the fields, sharecroppers, who sacrificed everything for the fight for freedom, and they were represented by very articulate black ministers, and attorneys, lawyers, doctors, professional people. But they did not make the movement, Dr. King did not make the movement. The movement made Dr. King.”

“Beyond the Big Names of the Civil Rights Movement.” NBC News. NBCUniversal Media. 7 Jan. 2007. NBC Learn. Web. 21 November 2015 ( [Links not in original.]

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