Men at Bay: The ‘Men’s Movement’ and Its Newest Best-Sellers

“Therapy of course has value for dealing with situations of crisis and despair. In less dramatic situations it often helps with sheer survival. But to transform emotional relationships, and a complex emotional structure like ‘masculinity,’ is inherently a collective project not an individual one. It must involve large numbers of people; it must deal with the institutions (e.g. the labor market, the State) which regulate men’s lives; it therefore must centrally involve social action.”

Connell, R.W. 1995. “Men at Bay: The ‘Men’s Movement’ and Its Newest Best-Sellers.” Pp. 75–88 in The Politics of Manhood: Profeminist Men Respond to the Mythopoetic Men’s Movement (and the Mythopoetic Leaders Answer), edited by M. Kimmel. Philadelphia, PA: Temple University Press. [Page 86.]

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